Baxter Woolen Mills, Somersworth, NH

Unit #2 / Posted February 05 2010

This is our smallest, yet well appointed, apartment. With 360 sq. ft. of living area, it boasts a full bath andf two large bedroom closets. It is situated on the first floor, and is our closest unit to the parking area.

The rent for this unit is only $675, with heat and hot water included.

It is great for the single tenant.

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Unit #5 / Posted January 06 2010


This is a second floor apartment of over 600 square feet with one bedroom (approx 13'x18' 6”) with 2 double closets, a bath (5'x7'6”), a living/dining area (approx 13'x19' 6”), a kitchen (5'6” x 8'4” with extended cabinets), and an entry hallway with a double coat closet. The outside walls in the living and bedroom areas have a 2' high wood-topped perimeter ledge that is convenient for storage or display (you need to see it!).

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More First Floor / Posted March 01 2010

We have ground floor units varying from 525 SF to 725SF. The largest is riverside just in front of the falls. These are easily accessable and close to parking spaces.

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